The Hate DateHello my friends! I want to give you an update on The Hate Date!

I’m so deep, deep, deep into the cave, but it’s a happy cave. A very happy cave. I’m so in love with the characters and the push-pull dynamic of the Billionaire/Enemies-to-Lovers couple. I’m doing a twist on the trope, because—well—it’s me (It’s me, It’s me, I’m the problem it’s me…”)

Yes, I’m a little punchy because I have 2 weeks until deadline and just a few more thousand words to write…

In the meantime how about these little teases:

  • A pivotal scene happens in an elevator.
  • Pole dancing may or may not be involved.
  • A couple from LTZ makes an appearance.
  • My MMC might be a bit stalkerish…


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I love recommending new authors to you while you’re waiting for my next release. This week I have not 1, but 2 amazing authors for you to try!

Untouched: A Friends to Lovers Supernatural Suspense Romance by Renee RegentUntouched: A Friends to Lovers Supernatural Suspense Romance by Renee Regent

An insistent ghost. A life at stake. And how to get out of the friend zone.

When photographer Zac Daley sees something strange in his vintage camera, he thinks he may be losing his mind. He sees a young woman in the lake, crying out for help, but no one else can see or hear the drowning girl.

Then her ghost appears again. She becomes insistent, demanding he deliver a message, but to who? And how?

More importantly, why?

With his friend Amanda’s help, he sets out to solve the mystery, but at a cost neither of them could foresee. They must race against time before a young man’s life is lost.

Amanda Bresky has a problem. Zac, the man she loves, wants to just remain friends. And worse, he’s planning to leave town soon. But she is determined to break through to his heart, whatever it takes. Even if it means helping him face his tortured past, and chasing down a ghost.

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The Third Son (Brookside Book 1) by Dyan LayneThe Third Son (Brookside Book 1) by Dyan Layne

Home is just a place, right?
Arien Brogan had plans. In Denver. The only place she’d ever call home.
Then her mom met Matthew Brooks, and Arien’s plans were no longer her own.
So here she was, on a ranch in Wyoming, with her two new stepbrothers.
She’d never met cowboys like them before.
Kellan, the sullen one.
Tanner, the sweet one.
What did they want from her?
There was something strange about this town, their ways, and everyone in it.
Everything that comes in threes is perfect
Where in the hell was she?
She wasn’t staying anyway. Come summer, she’d be gone.
But if plans can change, then dreams can too.
Because home is more than a place.
It’s a feeling.

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Happy reading!



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Kaylene Winter

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