My “Less Than Zero” rockstar romance series is the hub of my world and I’m thrilled to unveil the newly redesigned covers for each book in the series. These aren’t just any covers; they’re a blend of meaningful artistry and deep personal significance, combining the instruments that define the roles of LTZ’s beloved band members with symbols that capture the essence of their true loves.

The Symbolism of the New Covers

Each cover features an instrument and a symbol, both of which are deeply intertwined with the storyline and characters of each book. Here’s the story behind each:

Endless / Endless Encore – Microphone and Butterfly

The microphone on Ty’s cover reflects his role as the lead singer, his incredible voice the pivot around which LTZ’s music spins. Readers know, however, that the butterfly that holds a special place in this story. Ty affectionately calls Zoey his “butterfly” because of everything she represents to him: beauty, transformation, and the delicate strength that defines her character. The butterfly is not only a term of endearment but a representation of their everlasting profound connection.

Limitless / Limitless Encore – Drums and Poppy

For Jace, the drums are an extension of his heartbeat, syncing with the rhythm of the band and the pulse of his life with Alex. Evolving from a fake name Alex gave herself during their whimsical and intimate journeys across the globe, “Poppy” echoes their vibrant, colorful, and sometimes hidden adventures, embodying the spontaneity and passion of their steadfast love despite devastating obstacles.

Fearless / Fearless Encore – Bass and Shamrock

Connor’s cover features the bass, underscoring his steady, rhythmic influence on both the music and the group dynamics. The shamrock, however, is emblematic of the strength and support he offers Ronni during her courageous battles against injustices. It’s not just a nod to Connor’s Irish heritage; it epitomizes the enduring strength and stability he provides, making him Ronni’s rock in turbulent times.

Timeless / Timeless Encore – Guitar and Daffodil

Zane’s mastery of the guitar lays the foundation of the entire series while the daffodil represents his lifelong devotion to Fiona. From the age of six, they vowed to be each other’s ride or die, a promise depicted through the daffodil. Over the years it’s their ongoing reminder of new beginnings and an unbreakable bond, signifying the enduring commitment and heartfelt promises between Zane and Fiona.

LTZ Discreets are Here

More Than Just a Cover Redesign

With these covers I want to entice new readers into the magnetic world of “Less Than Zero” and to give longtime fans a fresh perspective on the stories they love. Each cover was crafted to reflect the depth, the emotion, and the unique narrative of each book, making them not just covers, but keepsakes.

What’s Next?

Please stay tuned all summer for a series of promotions, sneak peeks, and exclusive content that will give you an inside look at the creative process behind all my stories. I have a MAJOR announcement soon and I’m working on a new series…which will be revealed sometime this Summer.

In conclusion, your enthusiasm and support have transformed “Less Than Zero” into much more than a series—it’s a community, and one that I cherish deeply.


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Now & Forever by Aleatha Romig Arranged marriage, age-gap, mafia/cartel romanceNow & Forever by Aleatha Romig Arranged marriage, age-gap, mafia/cartel romance

Release Day May 13th

Capo to the Luciano Famiglia was my birthright.

The cruelty needed to succeed in this life has been beaten into me since I was a young boy. My father, Vincent Luciano, taught by example and with the slap of his hand. My independent streak took me down paths my father would never have gone. With our enemies gaining strength, it is my idea to attempt an alliance with an unlikely bedfellow.

The Roríguez Cartel and the Luciano Famiglia are improbable partners, yet even Vincent Luciano can’t deny the possible benefits. The only way to solidify the deal is for me to marry Catalina Ruiz, the eldest daughter of Andres Ruiz, a top lieutenant in the Roríguez Cartel.

Catalina is young, beautiful, and thinks she understands the path she is being forced to follow. There is no way for her to know the monster she is about to wed. A man doesn’t become a made man at thirteen if he is capable of love. That emotion is beyond my scope of expertise. Saving the famiglia is my goal. And once this alliance is made, ours will be but the first of the brutal vows exchanged.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

NOW AND FOREVER is a stand-alone dangerous, mafia, romance in the new “Brutal Vows” series.

Each arranged marriage story is filled with the suspense, intrigue, and heat you’ve come to expect from New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

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*NOW and FOREVER is a stand-alone mafia, arranged marriage romance within the interconnected world of ‘Brutal Vows.’





ZACK by Samantha LindZACK by Samantha Lind

Release Day May 16th

She’s my best friends little sister
Completely off limits
I know I should resist her… but I can’t
She’s fresh out of a bad relationship
And five years younger than me.

But there is this invisible string that just pulls us together.

He’s so far out of my league,
But that doesn’t change the fact I can’t get him out of my mind
Or my dreams
Or my bed

I gave love a chance and it burned me badly.

His promises are enticing, but is it worth giving love a second chance?

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Samantha Lind is a USA TODAY Bestselling contemporary romance author. When she’s not dreaming up new stories, she can often be found with her family, traveling, reading, watching her boys on the ice, or watching her favorite professional hockey team (Go Knights Go!), and listening to country music.  She can be contacted by email or found on Facebook.

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