Fearless Encore!

I hoist my six-foot-six frame up to standing and calmly cross the room to stand next to her. Fold my arms and stare out the window to hopefully hide how badly I’m shaking. I repeat my earlier question, “Why are you here, Mae?”

“Did you seriously think sending me a text telling me you’d give me a divorce was gonna fly with me? God, you LTZ guys and your stupid goddamn notes.” Her voice catches, but she recovers in a flash. “Is that what you want? Be real with me. Please.”

I keep my voice calm. Collected. I can’t answer her directly, though. “It’s for the best. For you. The boys.”

“Wow. Okay.” Ronni kicks the wall with the toe of her boot. I can’t help but glance down at her to discover, despite her uncharacteristic display, she’s wrapped her arms around herself protectively.

I’m such a feckin’ arsehole. It kills me to lie to her. Divorce is the last thing in the world I want. Ronni’s my everything. Life with her and our sons means…

“I’m not going to beg you. That’s not who I am.” Ronni’s voice trembles. Pleads.

I’d never want her to lower herself that way. That she’d even consider it pierces my heart and makes me want to cocoon her in my arms. But, I can’t do that.

I lost that right when I sent the text on my way to the airport.

So, I nod. Keep my face frozen and emotionless. Watch her storm across the room, kick the empty pile of boxes and slam the door behind her.

When she’s gone, I break down. Wracking, silent sobs. I didn’t expect her to follow me here, but the loss of her presence is beyond devastating. How will I survive a world where I can’t breathe in her lemon-meringue-pie scent? Sip from her supple lips. Hold her tightly against my body after I’ve fucked her into oblivion. Cuddle with her and the boys and watch movies on a Sunday afternoon.

I won’t. Survive, that is. Not intact. I’m already a shell of a man.

Who will I be when this is all over?

The better question is, will it even matter?

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An Amazing 5 Star Review!

“I love how Richard Sawyer brought out the Irish brogue in Connor, having read the book and now listened to the story, it’s made it all come alive and I couldn’t stop listening. I wish we could have more LTZ stories.”
– Ann L. on Goodreads


Fearless Encore 5 Star ReviewImagine the captivating voices of Richard Sawyer and Rose Diorio bringing the above passage to life…oh, wait, you don’t have to imagine it because FEARLESS Encore Audio is out today!

Richard, with his irresistibly sexy Irish accent, embodies Connor, a man whose heart is torn by his partner’s mistrust. Rose takes on the role of Ronni, a woman grappling with shadows from her past that threaten her perfect life.

Available everywhere audiobooks are sold, FEARLESS Encore takes Connor and Ronni on a journey where love faces its hardest tests and secrets come to light.

Will Ronni and Connor’s relationship survive a shocking worldwide scandal? Is their love truly fearless?

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From USA Today bestselling author J. Saman comes a sizzling-hot billionaire, second chance, boss/employee romance about a broody doctor and his feisty resident who both want a baby but nothing to do with love.

Have a baby with my new boss? Not exactly what I had in mind when I decided I wanted to try to get pregnant.

But that’s exactly the situation I find myself in with Dr. Bennett Lawson.

The ridiculously gorgeous, broody billionaire I kissed years ago is asking to have a baby with me.

We both have our reasons for wanting this and with our ugly pasts, it’s an undeniably convenient arrangement.

No love. No relationship. Strictly business.

Now I’m living with him and pretending every searing touch, whispered word, and moaned breath is all in the name of our contract and nothing more.

Even as it becomes harder to keep our hands to ourselves and our feelings separate.

But when that stick shines with two pink lines, we both know what we’ve grown addicted to has to stop.

Except what happens when everything starts to fall apart and what we promised would never happen becomes the one thing we can no longer live without?





Kaylene Winter

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