Dear Passionate Readers,

The countdown has begun! My newest novel, “The Tryst List,” is set to take you on a whirlwind romance that proves what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

I’m so excited for the upcoming release on April 11, and I can’t help but give my beloved newsletter subscribers an exclusive sneak peek inside the electric chemistry between Jordan and Peter—so intense, it threatens to defy all odds.

Jordan and Peter’s connection begins in Vegas – a night so steamy it could evaporate the waters of the Bellagio fountains.

Ready? Here’s a flashback to where our daring duo finds themselves in the middle of the most passionate night of their lives:

Our lips meet in a heated kiss, igniting a fire that’s been smoldering since we first laid eyes on each other in Vegas and continues all these years later. A culmination of all the emotions we’ve restrained, leading to this unexpected detour forcing us to spend the night on my boat.

Jordan’s lips are supple yet insistent, moving against mine with a fervor that matches my own. Her arms wrap around my neck, drawing me closer, deepening the kiss. I respond instinctively, gripping her ass and pulling her closer. Everything fades away as we lose ourselves in each other.

When we finally break apart, gasping for air, our foreheads rest against each other. Jordan’s eyes open and I see a reflection of my own emotions—wonder, excitement, maybe even a hint of vulnerability.

“Peter…what are you doing to me?” She moans when I cup her breast under her sweater. With my free hand, I tug her leg over mine and press my erection against the heat of her core.

“Making you feel good.” I grip the hem of her sweater and lift it over her bra. Her tits are as fantastic as I remember, full with taut brown nipples straining against sheer black lace.

Jordan rolls her hips against me, causing me to groan. Her fingers work the zipper down on my jeans. “We don’t need any of these clothes. I want to be skin on skin.”

As you can see, Jordan and Peter’s romance isn’t just another love story. It’s a journey through the dazzling nights of Vegas, where every hidden glance and touch reveals a deeper craving, a longing for something more.

Can Jordan and Peter reignite the dazzling allure of the city and the intense heat between them, or will their connection become another secret whispered down the Strip?



Exciting News: “The Tryst List” is available for preorder NOW on all platforms! Don’t wait to secure your ticket to the most unforgettable love story of the year. 👉 Get The Tryst List here!

The Tryst List Review: These two love so hard and so beautifully!! The fall is spectacular but not without a rocky road. You will get swept into the fierce connection between these two!! (Fans Kindle repeatedly).

Mark your calendars for April 11 and prepare to be swept off your feet. Because in this tale of lust, love, and second chances, the only gamble worth taking is on true love.

With love and anticipation,


Kaylene Winter

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