About six months ago, I made the decision to go “Wide” with my books in 2024.

What this means is I’m pulling my catalog out of Kindle Unlimited. This may or may not be forever.

Why? You might ask.

Let me tell you! As much as I’ve loved and had success as an Amazon best-selling author over the past three years, I am thrilled to try and break beyond the confines of a single platform.

This will allow me to reach new audiences and tap into a more diverse readership across various digital storefronts and libraries. For me, it’s not just about increasing visibility; it’s about embracing the vast landscape of readers who prefer different mediums and formats.

Going wide also offers me the freedom to experiment with different marketing strategies and pricing models. So, be on alert for all sorts of fun experiments me and my team will have in store for you.

At the end of the day, my decision to expand represents more than just business growth—it’s a personal milestone and I’m so thrilled you’re right here with me!

The Tryst List

The Tryst ListDrum roll please!

No, seriously!

I just revealed the cover to The Tryst List on social and please give a hand to my creative muse, Regina Wamba, for another amazing cover.

Don’t be sad you didn’t see the cover first, I’m revealing our hero and heroine right here in this newsletter.

Jordan Deveraux (Jace from LTZ’s sister) and…

Peter Vander, the gorgeous, tattooed architect who designed Gus in Timeless Encore.

The Tryst List is an Enemies-to-Lovers, Billionaire, Insta-Love, Second Chance, Forced Proximity Romance.

Stay tuned for more over the next couple of months – but it is available for preorder now here.


Today, I have a fun surprise to share with you…

I’ve teamed up with 30 fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of novels to 2 lucky winners!

Oh, and did I mention the Grand Prize winner also gets a Taylor Swift swag pack worth $250? 😁

You can win my novel THE FLIRT ALERT, plus books from other amazing authors.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here 👉 https://www.booksweeps.com/giveaway/taylor-swift/

Good luck and enjoy!

Free copy of The Flirt Alert



Kaylene Winter

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