IT’S HERE! Some of you may have noticed a new page on the website. If you did, you have some eagle eyes – if you didn’t: it’s okay, I’ll tell you about it.

The Kaylene Winter Merch Store, is finally live, ready to take your orders and includes some awesome stuff designed to immerse you into the LTZ Universe!

Merch Faves

Some of my faves:

  1. Fanny packs, anyone? They are totally back and just as handy as we remember them (am I dating myself)? Connor AKA Shorty Vest looks hip as ever wearing the LTZ Fanny Pack the way the cool kids do now, i.e. not on your fanny but across your chest!
  1. “Dad” Hats! These cute, embroidered caps were a staple during our photoshoot trip to LA. Regina Wamba wore one the entire photoshoot when she was snapping away! They come in this vintage-look denim in a darker gray (washed black) like Ty AKA Brandon Katz is wearing and a lighter gray. I love them.
  1. Beanies! These beanies are perfect as we start to get into the cold weather months. I got one for myself as well as my husband. They come in black like Zane AKA Enrico Ravenna is wearing as well as a classic white so you can match the snow – rock ‘n’ roll style.
  1. Last but not least, Z Tour Tees! We have lots of different t-shirts in the store to choose from including ones repping The Mission and Limelight but my favorite is probably the tour shirt from the Z Tour! It has a very cool graphic on the front and tour locations on the back. Of course, Jace AKA Garret McCall is rocking it!

I hope you love all our merch! Don’t hesitate to ask question or tell me your favorites – I can’t wait to hear!


Kaylene Winter

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